Bedbug Control in the Home

Bedbug control is necessary for a bedbug infestation. Bedbugs are commonly found in the bed structure and beddings though occasionally they may spread to other surrounding areas and furniture. They are most commonly found within the frame of the bed, the headboard, the mattress piping and the seams and tags of the mattress and within the mattress itself. Bedbugs may come from traveling to other countries or areas and staying in bedbug infested accommodations. You may also get an infestation from buying used beddings and mattresses that will have these pests.

Signs Of A Bedbug Infestation

Signs you have bedbugs include live bedbugs crawling on the bed or beddings, bite marks on your skin which are itchy and you may also see blood marks on your beddings which come from the bedbugs when you crush them mistakenly while you sleep. Other signs of a bedbug infestation may be the appearance of small dark spots similar to what would be made with a marker pen and the presence of bedbug eggs and eggshells which are white in color and are about a millimeter in size. If you suspect that you may have a bedbug infestation, these are the signs that you can look out for so that you can take the appropriate action. The first thing to do when you find that you have an infestation is to take some form of bedbug control. This means that you have to remove the beddings, mattresses and bed frame and quarantine these things in one room, if possible, to stop the spread of the bedbugs.

Methods of Bedbug Control

There are different methods that can be used for bedbug control such as chemical methods where a chemical is used to eliminate the bedbugs, non chemical methods where you use extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, to kill the bedbugs and there are inorganic substances such as diatomaceous earth which are used to kill the bedbugs.

Chemical methods of bedbug control are often pesticides in aerosol, powder or liquid form. The advantage of using this method is that it is fast and easy to use as you just spray or spread the pesticide where necessary. However the downside of these is that bedbugs have increasingly become resistant to some strains of chemical pesticides which have no effect on them which means you may still have a bedbug problem and it increases the chances of the bedbugs spreading to other areas and furniture in the room.

The benefits of using extreme temperatures such as extreme heat or cold are that it is cost effective ad you can do it yourself without calling a professional. However, the disadvantage s that these method of bedbug control takes time because it is recommended that if you are using cold temperatures to get rid of bedbugs, that you leave the room with the infestation in cold temperatures for at least four days so that all the bedbugs and bedbug eggs are killed.

If you find that you have a bedbug infestation, it is best to call a professional who will use a combination of methods that will ensure that the bedbugs in your home are eliminated totally. A professional exterminator will explain to you the methods that are available and you can discuss those that are acceptable to you. For example if you are averse to using chemical pesticides because of the presence of children or pest in your home, your exterminator should be able to use other alternatives. The best way to carry out bedbug control is to use a combination of methods.

Your elimination technician will work with you to come up with an extermination solution that is acceptable to you and will get rid of the bedbugs permanently. Sometimes follow up visits may be required especially if not all the bedbugs were eliminated in the first visit.

How To Choose A Bedbug Control Company

When choosing a company that will help you deal with your bedbug problem it is best to go for a company that uses multiple methods such as washing all the infected beddings with very hot water then using a dryer with at least temperatures of 122 degrees fahrenheit (50 degrees centigrade) to kill the bedbugs. There may be additional treatments for bedbug control such as applying inorganic materials such as diatomaceous earth which dehydrates the bedbugs when it comes into contact with them thus killing them, cedar oil, silica gel and boric acid which also are effective products that are not chemical based. These materials are especially placed in the crevices and any cracks of the furniture and walls of the room to ensure that all the bedbugs are thoroughly eliminated. You may also opt to use steam that will be applied on the bed and other furniture so that the bedbugs are killed by the heat or treatments based on cold.

Your technician will be able to advise you on the best method of bedbug control to use depending on the magnitude and the intensity of the bedbug infestation in your home. This means that it is best for the technician to carry out an inspection first to determine the level of the infestation. From these, you will be able to receive a quote on the work that will be done while discussing the treatment methods available to you and which ones will work best for your situation. It is also best to contract a company that will provide follow up treatments and free inspection either for free or at minimal cost until the bedbug problem is thoroughly eliminated.

Reasons to Choose Tacoma Pest Control

The technicians at Tacoma Pest Control are trained and certified so that you are sure that you are getting qualified professionals who will know the best way to deal with the problem. We have experience in bedbug control which makes us the best to deal with your bedbug problem. Our technician’s will be able to correctly identify bedbugs and inspect your home to determine the extent of your infestation. Tacoma Pest Control has experience in dealing with bedbug infestations and other pest problems that you may have in your home. The bedbug control treatment and elimination plan that is formulated will be satisfactory to you and will permanently eradicate bedbugs from your home.