Pest Control

Pest control is basically the art of exterminating and managing all those pests that are not only harmful to both human beings and pets, but also to the ecology and the economy. This practice had started decades ago and is now used to effectively control and exterminate all forms of pests everywhere. It was because these critters were causing major health problems to human beings and problems to the ecology, that it was very important to completely control them.

Importance of pest control in agriculture

The most common agricultural pests are natural enemies to farmers as they cause lots of damage to a farm’s production. All the plants that get infested don’t let them bear fruit and as the pests don’t just attack the plant’s leaves and stems, but go deep down to attack, the roots.
This in turn makes the plants wither away and is a reason why pest control is really necessary in the field of agriculture. It is required to prevent pests from effectively damaging agricultural production and thus create a great loss to the economy.

Pest control helps prevent damage to homes and structures

With the help of effective pest management it is possible to prevent lots of possible damage to homes and structures. In fact, it is said that people in the US spend about $5 billion just to pay for repairing all the damages caused by termite infestations. These termites are insects that consume all and any wood and wood products they come across like plywood and paper. They start infesting your homes by first burrowing into all the wood components of your home. From there, they go on to eat walls, flooring and beams from the inside of your home. This consequently weakens the home structure and leads to its collapse. Pest control is especially required in older homes and structures that have not been treated as termite infestations here can be especially problematic. In fact, to keep a home safe from termites, it requires constant vigilance and assistance from pest control services.

How pest control helps human beings

As these pests are found everywhere, constantly on the lookout for new sources of food, they usually inevitably lead to and trigger food and water contamination. This In turn can lead to major human health problems. These vermins are most commonly found in dingy places, uncovered food, clogged water areas, dustbins and in the air and this is why they can cause major health problems like diarrhea and harmful infections. This is another reason for practicing effective pest control in Washington state as it helps to permanently get rid of all these harmful species

Extermination helps prevent allergies

Pests can trigger lots of health problems in people like asthma, skin allergies and various other respiratory problems. For example, bed bugs and mosquitoes are famous for causing rashes. There are also some pests that can trigger strong allergies in some people. Examples of such a pest are cockroaches that can trigger allergies in more than 7% of the population. In addition to this, it is also the leading cause for asthma in children.

Rodent control helps prevent diseases and other health problems

Rodent pests can trigger health problems not only by triggering allergies, but also by triggering various diseases and health problems. Some of the diseases that critters can trigger are urinary tract infections, intestinal infections, leprosy, malaria, dengue, dysentry, skin infections and food poisoning. All these diseases occur mainly because these pests carry various bacteria and viruses that can trigger diseases that affect both animal and human health. Though most of these diseases are treatable, they can lead to serious problems especially with children, seniors and those with a weak immune system. The infected generally require professional medical treatment or even hospitalization to recover from the diseases, which in turn leads to millions of dollars spent paying for medical costs. This in turn is another reason showing the importance of exterminators.

Pest control helps prevent the damage of furniture, clothes and carpets

With the help of the right pest management techniques, it is possible to save furniture, clothes and carpets and in the process, all the expenses associated with its repairs and replacements. Burrowing insects like termites andodorous house ants can cause major damage to wooden and fabric parts of furniture while other insects like cockroaches, silverfish, carpet bugs and moths turn to fabric as a source of food and thus damage upholstery and clothes.

Pest control services help maintain food supply

The world’s population depends on regular and efficient food supply. In fact, it is this food supply that has a major influence on worldwide economies and is responsible for supporting most of today’s industries.

So without the implementation of effective rodent control measures, nearly 20% of the food supply worldwide may end up wasted because they are consumed by rodents. In fact, statistics prove that millions of dollars’ worth of food is lost to rodent attacks and infestations every year. It is only by controlling these vermins with the help of effective extermination methods that it is possible to maintain food supplies. In addition to this, effective pest control can also help prevent the contamination of food and waste.

Remember that pests not only consume furniture and plants for food, they also leave behind some organic matter like urine, feces, dead skin and body parts that can affect the quality of food we consume. Though proper waste disposal does help prevent a pest infestation, it does not totally eliminate pests. These pests not only cause damage to plants, the ecology and to human beings, but are also responsible for causing major damage to furniture and all your other things at home.

It is because of all this that you have to take appropriate rodent control in Washington state to exterminate and eliminate pest issues so that humans, the ecology and the economy on a whole live a healthy life. As it is said, prevention is better than cure; so its better to use pest control to prevent an infestation instead of curing and treating the repercussions of the infestations later on.